Supervisor:  Chris Mathews


Phone:  845-985-2262 ext. 301


The Supervisor is the chief elected official of the town. He carries out all of the policies of the Town Board. The Supervisor is the crucial official in the operation of the town.

Supervisor's Column

Dept. of Motor Vehicles  The DMV will be at the Town Hall from 10 AM to 2:30 PM on December 15th.

New Town Park –  I would like to thank my predecessor, former Supervisor Mark McCarthy, now our new District 3 Legislator, for his role in helping to secure the Catskill Park Smart Growth Grant.   This grant allowed us to install bioretention rain gardens as part of our Stormwater Prevention Plan and to purchase all the landscaping materials (fabric, mulch, etc), trees, shrubs and other plantings for the town park.  The grant also made it possible for us to put in an exercise walking/running path that follows the property’s edge and is approximately a half-mile long and 8’ wide.  A huge thank you to Preston Kelly and the Highway Dept. who have been working diligently to have it completed before the winter weather arrives.   Another big thank you goes out to Dave Trestyn and Gary Keller who are volunteering their time respectively with the plumbing and electric work at the pavilion.  It is great to see so many people already enjoying the walkway.  I’d like to remind everyone that if you have your pets with you to please clean-up after them so that everyone may enjoy a nice clean area to play and exercise.

Reminder   The Town Hall will be closing at Noon on December 23rd and will be closed all day on December 26th in observance of Christmas; we will also be closing at Noon on December 30th and closed all day on January 2nd in observance of New Years Day.  The Transfer Station will close at 1 PM on Christmas Eve and will be open regular hours on New Year’s Eve (9 AM-5 PM)

Town Budget/Tax Cap   The most pressing comments we hear around Town focus on the fact that the Town budget is increasing by 2.9% in 2017 which exceeds the “2%” tax cap.  We as a Town Board would prefer to share the facts surrounding our Town’s financial plans and more specifically the true spending changes that are in the Budget.  The $3.9 million budget is dominated by rising health insurance costs which represent approximately 25% of our total budget.  Earlier this year we replaced the old Town Barn highway roof.  We used money from our building repair reserves to complete the replacement and we have begun to replenish those reserves in this year’s budget.  This year we also resurfaced the tennis/basketball courts and added pickleball courts.  We received a generous donation towards this project and utilized some previous fund balance to restore this valuable asset.  All taxpayers of the Town have been long term beneficiaries of prior Town Board’s financial prudence and we intend to continue that legacy; sometimes that means raising money to place in reserves for future needs.

Transfer Station The Transfer Station is no longer able to accept fluorescent bulbs of any kind.  We are currently working on a solution to this problem.  Please be advised that the Transfer Station will close at 1 PM on Christmas Eve and will be open regular hours on New Year’s Eve (9AM-5 PM)

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter Ashlyn who turned 20 recently…love you!

I would like to thank all the ladies in the Town Hall and Highway Supt. Preston Kelly for making my transition from Councilman to Supervisor a smooth one!  It has been a successful first year as all the Town Board members have worked well together and we have accomplished a great deal! 

I would like to remind everyone that if there are concerns about anything you may have heard and you have questions, please be sure to get accurate facts and have your questions answered by speaking with myself or any town board member or better yet by attending a Town Board meeting.